Water Treatment and Purification

What water purification treatment do you need? No matter where you are in the world, having access to clean water is imperative. Staying healthy when you travel is mostly dependent upon the water you drink.

Water Treatment

When it comes to water treatment there are number of different options available. Finding the right water treatment for each individual situation will be dependent on a number of different factors. These include the bacteria that are most prevalent in the particular region in which you are travelling, the time you have available, if the water is cloudy or clear, and what chemicals are prevalent in the water.
This guide will help you understand the most effective portable water purification options that are available.

Iodine is a simple solution that is particularly effective on Giardia, the most common protozoa. It does have a slight odour, sometimes compared to a hospital smell that some people don't like. It is not suitable for anyone with a thyroid problem and prolonged use is not recommended as it potentially can create Iodine compounds.


Silver Ion tablets
Simple and safe. Ideal for base camp, expedition, vacations and travelling where you have a tank and camp set up. Silver Ion is best suited to treating large quantities of water at one time. It will deactivates bacteria in water tanks and containers. It is ecologically friendly and keeps water free from germs, algae and odours.


Sodium Silver Chloride liquid or tablets
This is a Fast and effective water disinfection method for clear water. These tablets are an essential item for any traveller in order to avoid contaminated water (e.g. brushing teeth, drinking water). They will preserves water for up to 6 months and can be used in combination with a filter in cloudy water. Contact Time required is: 30 min for bacteria and viruses, 2 h for Giardia in clear water.
Lifestraw is an extremely effective portable water purifier created for prevention of common waterborne diarrhoeal diseases. It is a small tube 20cm long that can be easily carried and allow easy access to safe and clean drinking water. It will remove 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites like Crypto and Giardia. It is ready to use immediately - you simply place the straw in the water source and suck through the tube. Your drinking water will be immediately filtered. Each Lifestraw is good for up to 1000 litres of fresh water.

Ultra-violet light
Ultra-violet light works by destroying a germs ability to reproduce. Many people believe that UV light is the best way to purify water.
SteriPEN® is a brand of portable water purifier that uses ultra-violet (UV) light to destroy waterborne microbes. They destroy 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa. They are reusable and can purify up to 200 half-litre servings of water on one set of AA batteries.
To use a  portable ultra-violet water purify you simply activate the unit, immerse it in the bottle or glass of water, and agitate the water with the light for the prescribed timeframe. In most cases you can disinfect half a litre of water in just under a minute, or a litre of water in approx. 90 seconds.

Ceramic Water Filters / Purifiers
When used in conjunction with high-performance glass fibre filters and active charcoal filters, ceramic filters are a great option for purifying your water supply and eliminating odours. These filters are perfect for anyone who requires up to 2 litres of drinking water per minute and are suitable for use with extremely cloudy water.

These are small and light water filters that generally deliver good performance. They are easy to clean and when used in conjunction with an active carbon filling they will  improve the taste of your drinking water and eliminate odours. Micro-filters are effective at eliminating bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores, and sediment.

No matter where you are in the world, having access to clean water is imperative. Staying healthy when you travel is mostly dependent upon the water you drink. Taking the time to research where you are travelling, and the common bacteria and viruses local to the area, will help you make the right decision about the Water purification option that best suits the conditions and your needs.
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