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Check-In comes in 2 sizes, usually up to 77cm and up to 65 cm high. Weight allowances usually are up to 25 kg. For carry aboard luggage allowances please see the table below (as restrictions often change please check with your A... Continue Reading

Many years ago a published research paper suggested that aluminium was associated with Alzheimers disease. The link was never substantiated, and in fact subsequent studies have contradicted the original results. The original results were never reproduced, and the origina... Continue Reading

So you're thinking of purchasing or just bought an Australian made AOS® swag? This swag is covered by an AOS® 10 year warranty* on manufa... Continue Reading

Arch supports were all the rage in some places for a while in the 90s, especially in American joggers. They were essentially created by the Nike Marketing Department to gain an edge over the competition. They have abs... Continue Reading

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It used to be that nothing could compare to a hot meal cooked over an open fire while camping beneath the stars. However, since the advent of fire restrictions and greater environment... Continue Reading

Bushwalking footwear needs to protect feet from damage and to provide a solid grip. Other considerations, depending on the individual or the trip, may incl... Continue Reading

Backpack / Rucksack Selection and Fitting Guide Choosing the right Backpack or Rucksack: There is a wide selection of very good backpacks to choose from, so it is important that you know what you are looking for and have an idea of the ki... Continue Reading

With so many brands and styles, choosing the right daypack can get a little confusing. Taking a few minutes to identify exactly what you need the daypack for will help make the selection process much easier, then it just comes down to picking your favourite c... Continue Reading

Sleeping Bag Shapes and Designs Mummy Design: This sleeping bag is shaped like the old Egyptian mummy, wide across the chest then tapering down to a very narrow width at the foot end (hence ... Continue Reading