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Customise your GoPro to even more versatility and functionality by adding on these specifically designed accessories and gadgets to help you get the shot of a lifetime. Claim your barrels with the GoPro Bite Mount & Floaty, Perfect for all that hands free POV action. Strap it to your chest and carve up the mountain on your snowboard with the Chest Harness Mount. Or Clamp it to a tree and bust out your newest dance routine with the Jaws Clamp Mount. Want to make a skate film with your friends? Snap your GoPro on the SP Gadgets Remote Pole for optimal stabilisation and control with a Wifi remote mount at your fingertips to start recording when the tricks start flying. Strap it to your handle bars, attach it to your bike helmet, stick it on your car bonnet. The possibilities are endless with the GoPro and that's why we offer you a wide range of tools to help you capture the outdoors in the best way possible. Shop online today with  the convenience of overnight express delivery and hassle free returns. Or visit the range in store at our Burleigh Heads location with easy payment options available such as After Pay and Zip Pay.