Darche AD 900 Single Air-Volution Dome Canvas Swag
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Darche AD 900 Single Air-Volution Dome Canvas Swag

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Darche Ranger Solo BIKER Dome Canvas Swag

Darche Ranger Solo BIKER Dome Canvas Swag

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Why Canvas?

Our range includes various materials, but canvas is breathable, rot-proof and waterproof so it is the right choice no matter the weather or location. Swags with a PVC base are popular but they may not be as breathable and are prone to condensation in humid conditions.

Why Buy A Single Swag?

If you’re on your own or prefer to sleep alone, it’s best to choose a single swag. They provide the perfect amount of space, comfort and ventilation and are suitable for warm or cold climates.

If you’re interested in deluxe swags or double swags, browse through our range by clicking the links.

King Single Swags

The King Single swag gives you a little extra room and the range of swags we offer in this category are of premium quality and recommended for the taller, larger camper! King single swags offer:

  • Durability: You can rely on these swags to stay strong during the wind, rain and other unpleasant elements and the material is designed to provide you with several years of happy camping.
  • Temperature Moderation: In Australia, the Summers can get incredibly hot! Our range of products all have excellent ventilation and can keep the temperature at a manageable level even during the hottest of nights.
  • Convenience: As these swags are so light and easy to roll up and unroll, transportation is simple. You can set up or take down your swag quickly and effectively when you really need to.

We believe in providing a wide range to choose from, listed below are a few of the many options stocked by Wild Earth:

  • Features: If you want privacy, the Black Wolf king single canvas swag is ideal with its ‘no-see-um’ mesh doors and windows while the AOS Bushman is the choice for campers who like staying cool at night.
  • Colours: We practically sell all the colours of the rainbow! The Burke and Wills Coolabah range features a multitude of colours including pink, brown, blue and purple.

If you want to sleep like royalty while outdoors, look no further than our single swag range!