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We are Explorers are an unruly tribe of weekend vagabonds and storytellers who hear the call of the Australian wild.

Launched in 2014, it's an online publisher and community that encourages Australians to fill their lives with microadventures; cheap, simple and local escapes that pack the spirit of adventure into an amazing weekend away. Working closely with a creator network of top influencers, we’re a multi-platform brand collaborator specialising in photography, film and social media campaigns.

From epic road trips and surf weekends to climbing mountains and sleeping in caves, We Are Explorers is a place to discover, explore, connect and share your favourite outdoor activities and playgrounds.

Their mission? To make the outdoors easy and accessible for everyone whilst spreading the excitement and power of outdoor adventure.

Here's a clip from their latest escape to the Blue Mountains outside of Sydney.

Stay tuned we'll keep the Wild Earth / We are Explorers adventures coming!


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