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Wild Earth was born on the back of adventure. A lust for Australia’s landscape and love for the great outdoors has contributed to a culture that transcends town and country, beach and bush. It’s the kind of foundation we seek to find in the products that we sell and it’s a culture that’s never more evident than in an Akubra hat.

Akubra hats are not only an Australian icon that can be recognised around the world, but they also represent that very same culture of adventure, freedom and the thirst for the outdoors that we so admire in our own lives.

Each hat is consistent with a craftsmanship that’s been passed down through multiplegenerations of the Kier family without waiver or compromise of quality while using the same instruments and raw materials they were brought to life with back in 1874.

Akubra hats have repelled the harsh Australian elements from the heads of millions of Australians and have since traversed the globe on the heads of travellers who came, saw and had to take a piece of Australia back home with them.

These hats have adorned the heads of everyone from royalty and movie stars to ringers, cattleman and everyone in between. For many Australians, where their Akubra hat lays, is truly their home, be it under the stars in the Kimberly, on the sand at Bondi or proudly displayed on a hook in a living room. 

From the humble Akubra Traveller or Avalon, to the formidable and iconic Rough Rider, Akubra

 has built a collection of hats to suit each and every head, environment or landscape under the sun. Built to withstand a harsh Australian environment, Akubra hats are crafted from fur felt and undergo a rigorous process that ensures it can stand up to the cruellest of punishments.

Whether you’re looking for a working hat to fend off harsh rays or shelter from rain, or a travelling companion that’s equally fashionable in Birdsville and Burleigh Heads, our range of unisex Akubra’s has something for everyone and in colours to suit preference and climate.


A Light Sand Stony Creek makes for a perfect partner for long, hot summers spent with a lure in the water or perhaps a more regal Regency Fawn Traveller for a light weight and breathable companion for those long hikes. With over 20 styles to choose from, you'll find the perfect Akubra for any occasion at Wild Earth.

If you’re looking for unrivalled quality, with a history that dates back to 1874, don’t look any further than the iconic Australian Akubra. 



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