Antu Waterproof Socks Review


Wild Earth member & trail running enthusiast Brad Wilkie takes the Antu Waterproof Socks for a test run through some watery crossings on his recent trip to New Zealand. Check out the video below & see what he has to say!




Here's what Brad had to say;

"On a recent trip to NZ, free running, exploring new trails and views with a close friend we had the opportunity to try out a few new products for the outdoors. 

One item we had was the new Breathable Waterproof socks from Antu.

I was a bit skeptical about the idea and if they would work and so I planned to use them on a super light weight long distance travel section. I only wore one pair of socks & took the Antu pair as my second. On the second day of a 9 day track I tried them out in wet cold muddy slippery slimy conditions for about 7 hours. They felt weird at first but only for a minute or two and then I was super surprised that my toes where dry! We spent hours in and out of mud and ankle deep water and slow running streams and they worked perfect. On the deep long river crossing where the water goes above sock height was where the questions started. Yes they let water in above sock line and my toes got wet although it wasn’t long before they where dry and back to normal. Maybe taping the top of the sock could have kept them dry at the high water spots.

Over all they worked a treat, felt comfortable and that’s what I believe you need from a good pair of socks.

Good to have a pair in your kit for the muddy wet days out in the wild.

They get 4/5 stars from me for design and practical functionality."







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