Things To Do On Fraser Island


Fraser Island is the perfect family holiday destination for many reasons. Approximately 6 hours north of Brisbane, it's a great place to take the kids for a car camping adventure.

Fraser Island is part of Great Sandy National Park, and is famous for its expansive sand dunes and cliffs, as well as its beautiful lakes. Well-known for its family friendly atmosphere with heaps of things for the kids to do, the island has various locations to pitch a tent. There are many busy camp spots, but you can also find more secluded areas if you want to really get away from the crowds.

Popular Campsites

Woralie Creek

This camping spot is located just north of the Maheno ship wreck. Drive right across the island to the western side where you will see the best sunsets, and find a flat spot along the beach to call home. Also make sure you are well above the high tide line: you can check 2016 tide information here.

Wyuna Creek 

This place is just north of Dunduburra, it's the best fishing spot on the island and you are sure to get a nibble. The creek itself is quite shallow, perfect for a sun bake and a relaxing paddle.

As for the more secluded areas, they're up to you to find. There are plenty of locations you can easily stumble upon (although make sure that you are not in private property or a no-camping zone).

Things To Check Out On Fraser

Lake McKenzie

One of our personal favourites is Lake McKenzie, this has to be one of the most stunning lakes we have ever seen: it's a real sight for sore eyes. It is a ‘perched’ lake meaning that it only contains rainwater; fed by a series of small freshwater streams that run across Fraser Island, it has no connection to the ocean. Surrounded by pristine white sand, the water is pure and filtered.

Lake Wabby

Lake Wabby is another must see on your Fraser Island trip. It supports several varieties of fish, many of which you will be able to see when taking a dip. It is also surrounded by sand dunes, which are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours. This lake is usually a very deep green, and it is expected in the next century or so that it will be completely swallowed by the island, so you should check it out while you've still got the chance.

Maheno Shipwreck

The Maheno Shipwreck was an ocean liner that operated in the Tasman seas crossing between Australia and New Zealand, and was also used as a hospital ship by the New Zealand Naval forces in the First World War. In 1935 the Maheno was retiring and bound for a wrecking yard in Japan, however when the ship reached the Happy Valley a cyclone struck and the ship was washed ashore. It is here that the remains of the ship still lie today. The ship has deteriorated rapidly in this time because of the harsh salty conditions, making it a pretty incredible sight!

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Header Image Credit: Vincent Lee via Flickr