Get Wild With Adventure Dad and Paramedic Jimmy Leyden


W.E. - You're a busy guy Jimmy. You work full time, you’re a weekend adventurer, a regular competitor, and father of two? How do you fit it all in?  

Time management and making the most of days off. As a paramedic I’m lucky to squash my working week into 4 days leaving 4 days off to spend time with my family and get out to do the things we love doing together! Whether it be hiking, camping, trail running, surfing, biking we enjoy it all.  Running is my passion and I use it to clear the mind, I enjoy competing in running events and regular training runs allows me to continue to compete. I often take my two boys on small runs in Daisy hill or parkrun Saturdays.

W.E. - How have your kids made you a better person?

They have taught me patience! They love getting outdoors and being active which motivates my wife and I to come up with original ideas for adventures whether it be hiking mountains in the Gold Coast hinterland or camp weekends in remote locations. They wake me up early and are always go go go.


W.E. - Do you encourage your kids to get out there with you & enjoy the great outdoors?

Definitely. I was lucky to grow up in New Zealand where my father instilled the outdoors into me at a young age, I have carried this into adulthood.  Today there are way to many distractions for kids be it ipads, phones or gaming etc, although this is ok on a minimal scale, we try to limit it and rather have the kids explore the outdoor world where there minds are curious and always interactive with the environment.


W.E. - With all the things you have achieved in your life & all the adventures you have been on, are there any that you wouldn't encourage your kids to do? If so why not?

No. Anything they want to have a go at I would encourage. Life is a journey and you have to make the most of everyday, you never know how long you'll be here so enjoy it, risks and all.


W.E. - Where did your passion for adventure come from & what influences did you have growing up? What one piece of advice would you give your kids to encourage them to pursue their passion?

Growing up in New Zealand in the country we had the outdoors on our doorstep, we had less distractions such as tv, video games etc, so outside was our entertainment. My dad loved taking us tramping for days on end to some really remote locations, these early memories are still with me today. I also lived near the coast so began surfing at a young age and was also fortunate to be able to ski/snowboard from a young age every year.  My father was definitely a big influence at this age, as were all the surf stars ‘Kelly Slater, Tom Curren etc’. I would tell my kids to follow their dreams, see the world, experience different cultures and not take things to seriously.


W.E. - What does being a father mean to you?

Fatherhood is spending quality time with your family, having fun together, creating memories and living the dream!  Seeing my boys grow and watching their interest peak in the things i enjoyed as a child is the best gift you can get. Hopefully i have a couple of young ultra runners on my hands who will be competing in the year 2030 haha. Cheers W.E.


W.E. - Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to catch up with us Jimmy, we really appreciate you giving us an insight as to what makes you tick & keeps you motivated when the schedule seems to never stop.

One more thing, what's you're pick for fathers day?

I like hitting the trails in a fresh pair of kicks with plenty of grip and cushioning!....


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