Get Wild With Father's Day - Meet Scott Page - Wild Earth Team Athlete & Chief Coffee Connoisseur

In the final lead up to Father's Day, we interview one of our favourite local trail runners, Scott Page, to find out how he keeps pushing his limits whilst balancing life, love & fatherhood.


In the final lead up to Father's Day, we interview one of our favourite local trail runners, Scott Page, to find out how he keeps pushing his limits whilst balancing life, love & fatherhood.

Here's what he had to say;

WE)    What's more nerve-racking, the thought of trying to break your Kokoda Challenge record or heading into the delivery room one more time?
SP)     Going back into the delivery room would definitely be scarier!! At 45 I think that train has well and truly left the platform. Going about breaking my record with Kokoda is all about planning the day out months in advance. I'm not sure I could apply the same approach to the delivery room haha. 

WE)    How have your kids made you a better person?
SP)    Every day, like all Dad's, my kids challenge me in many ways. Just now, as I'm writing this, Sienna has just raced in and told me she wants to adopt a dog that only costs $250 from the abandoned dogs home. There is only one catch she says. Our fences need to be higher... Can we Daddy.please?? The art of negotiating out of this one will be tested. My kids have taught me to live in the minute. At times, when training for an endurance event, I get so focused on the demands of that journey, I forget the present. My kids snap me back into reality. Being the only male in a house full of ladies has its challenges! But my priorities are always revised by the "girly court" and I must give credit where credit is due.. My girls are usually right to pull me into line. That has to make me a better person right?

WE)    Do you encourage your kids to get out there with you & enjoy the great outdoors?
SP)    My youth was all about team sport and individual success. Every holiday was spent at a cricket or Rugby League development camp or carnival. I lived for competition. Loved it. With our daughters, we have gently guided them along a different path. Between them they have notched up over 15 triathlons and many fun runs, but it's been more on the fun scale of things. We place new activities in front of them and see if they grab them. Last year it was tri's and swimming, this year it's Pony Club and Soccer and BMX. My wife takes care of the Pony side of things so I'm off the hook there. Although I get the afternoon feed duty! Miss 12 yr old, Tyler, has recently acquired a Pony, so that's the focus there. Morning and afternoon it's either grooming or riding or both. That's given me an opportunity to brainwash miss 9yr old,Sienna, into some more tri's at the end of the year!

WE)    With all the things you have achieved in your life & all the adventures you have been on, are there any that you wouldn't encourage your kids to do? If so why not?
SP)    This year has been the year I conquered my first Ironman Triathlon distance and experienced success with the Kokoda Challenge as the First Mixed Team across the line. But it has been a long journey. I would not encourage my kids to get into long distance events straight away. I think it's important, critical, to have a base, before jumping into something way over your head. Endurance ability takes years. Oh, and bungee-jumping at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. 
Don't do as Daddy did.. Can you stop them? No

WE)     Where did your passion for adventure come from & what influences did you have growing up? What one piece of advice would you give your kids to encourage them to pursue their passion?
SP)    My passion for adventure is more a drive to see what I can handle as a human. Most of the guys and girls I train with have a zone that we are all comfortable in, and it is usually a distance or time where others will stop and say " yes I'm satisfied, let's put the pool cue back in the rack for today. " our training group has a yearn to push the limits and see how far we can go before we pop or hit the wall. That's my adventure right there. That attitude has always been in me for as long as I can remember. 
I'm always encouraging my kids to grab the tree of life and give it a big shake. I want them to be hooked on endorphin rushes from healthy choices. That's my ultimate gift to them as a parent. Because, in life, if things get tough, they can always go for a run and solve anything right?!

WE)    What does being a father mean to you?
SP)    Being a father to me means I have a huge responsibility to lead by example. I read once that you are the most impressionable on your children when you least expect it. Powerful stuff when you get into it. Having daughters gives me an extra responsibility in ensuring I show them how a gentleman should treat them and also how they should act around Men. Who knows, they may end up marrying someone like their Dad one day. Their mother shudders at that thought I'm sure. 

WE) Thanks for the chat Scotty. Good luck in this week-end's Coastal High 50,.......and Happy Father's Day!
SP) Thanks mate. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there.




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