Get Wild With Chase Tucker Mountaineering in Nepal

'Get Wild' is a series of regular interviews with Wild Earth members where we find out all about them, their favourite gear, and their latest adventure. This month, fresh off the plane from Nepal, come with us while we get wild with Chase Tucker.


About Chase

Discipline: Alpine Climbing/Mountaineering
Nationality: Australian

My most recent trip was to Ama Dablam in Nepal (6850m). Our Brisbane based team of 10 climbed the crux of the South East Ridge, the Grey Tower, however we didn’t make it to the summit due to weather. Failure is just a part of mountaineering that I have become accustomed to, its part of the deal. We certainly didn’t have normal conditions. As well as the obvious earthquake it was a really snowy and cold spring, more like winter conditions, so given that, we were actually really happy that we achieved a high point on the mountain of 6300m before turning around.

My Current Training

Currently doing a lot of rock climbing and power/endurance training in the gym for an Ice Climbing Trip to Blue Lake in Kosciusko NP in July. Australia’s not typically known for its alpine climbing but last season was spectacular so I’m hoping for a repeat of last years winter so I can get on some longish, mixed rock and ice routes. Also heading back to Nepal to climb Naya Kanga in October so the standard, Big Mountain style training with heavy pack carries and gym based durability training that I do will take more of focus in the spring.

My Sponsors

Malachowski Down, Brubeck Bodyguard.

My Achievements 

I consider my greatest achievements to be the successes of my clients. I’ve been training people for mountain sports now for 3 years both online and in person. Taking a person into the realm of athletic training and seeing the result in the form of a successful expedition is when I feel most accomplished.

Chase's Gear List

Below are 4 pieces of gear that Chase Tucker can’t survive without on an expedition.

#1 Edelrid Adjustable Belay Station Sling 

Ever serious climber should have one of these bad boys. The simplest inventions are always the best.

#2 Bridegdale Summit Merino Socks

Guys that climb big peaks know these are the socks to wear. They are just epic and last forever. Could save you some toes.

#3 Sea To Summit Comfort Plus Mat

I sleep like a baby on this thing, even in an open bivvy at 6,000m. Dual chambers make so much sense, because if you do get a puncture, it will still get you through the night without having to repair it.

#4 Black Diamond FL Distance Trekking Poles

I find poles make life so much easier in the mountains. I love this z pole because it packs down small and light, but can easily handle me using it with a 25kg pack.


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