Get Wild With....Wild Earth Ratpack - Kokoda Challenge Team Spotlight


The Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge is often labelled Australia's toughest team endurance event. Teams of 4 battle it out over 96km (the length of the actual Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea), and must complete the cross country course in 39 hours or less.

The course crosses 12 creeks and summits 5,000 metres of vertical elevation; completing it is a tribute to the true Kokoda spirit, which encompasses courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice.

Wild Earth is a proud event partner, and this year we are entering 5 teams in the event. We thought we'd steal a few minutes of our team leaders' time to ask them some questions about their training and event day strategies - first up, Scotty Page!

What’s your name? 

Scotty Page

Which team are you leading?

Wild Earth Ratpack!

How long have you been training for?

I've been training for 10 years, but have been focused on endurance events for 4 years.

What’s the best time of day to train?

4am for a long trail run.

What’s your favourite (or the best) training exercise?

Trail running: hill repeats with a creek-crossing thrown in!

Will you be taking any tech with you?

I'll be taking a GPS watch and an iPhone 6+.

The course is 96km – do you have a finish time goal?

Sub 17 hours.

What will be your must-have piece of gear for the Kokoda Challenge?

A reliable, bright headlamp.

Do you have any advice for Kokoda Challenge rookies who will be tackling the challenge this year?

Tackle the training in a smart manner.

  • Get the right gear - check out the Kokoda Challenge Gear Shop
  • First timers should know what’s over the next hill on the course.
  • Train in the rain, wind, belting heat and all conditions.
  • Wait for 300mL of rain and do the creek circuit. Walk, jog and run in wet shoes.
  • Most importantly eat, eat, eat when training, because on the day of the event it is all about nutrition. And DO NOT forget to carb-load prior to the event. This is 2 marathons in one.
  • Get a foam roller and spikey ball!
  • See a physio.
  • Be proactive regarding ITB Syndrome.
  • There is a lot of ascent but the descents are the killers.
  • Each team member will have strengths and weaknesses and identifying these during training will go a long way into building team spirit and keeping the motivation going at the 70km mark.

This event will change your life!!!

Thanks Scotty. Good luck out there this year!


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