Ledlenser NEO10R 600 Lumen Headlamp | Review


Author - In house gear guru Craig Turco
Led Lenser has recently added the new NEO Headlamp range to their already popular lighting line up. The NEO range is a solid improvement on the very popular SEO series which receives constant praise from all users alike. 
The series includes the NEO10R, NEO6R and NEO4. The standout  ‘Beast’ of the series is without a doubt the powerful NEO10R which boasts a huge 600 lumens at a range of 150m...and let’s just say I was very impressed by this headlamps performance - saying this, I am still very impressed with the minimal design of the 6R and 4. 
For most runners, riders and hikers winter presents more time spent in the dark, so having a headlamp that you trust in is imperative. I've been lucky to spend the last month testing the torch out and this is my short term review! 

Light and brightness:  Not only does the 600 Lumens throw light extremely well, the scope of the light illuminates to the trails edge and beyond providing a powerful white light that lights up from trail floor to canopy giving you complete confidence to moving quickly through the dark. 


Great Price: This NEO10R is certainly going to be a crowd pleaser for a number of reasons, the first of which is performance, the second of which is the price. It is top-tier light performance at a very competitive price... stacked up against the ever popular Petzl Nao and Nao+ it runs at 150 Lumens less but also almost $150 cheaper. 


Rechargeable Battery and Battery life: Over the last couple years I have used and tested the Petzl Actik, Petzl Myo and Black Diamond Icon all of which are great lights but the main frustration was the constant and costly battery changes. It is super convenient to be able to plug the light in and just recharge every few days, With a 10 hour burn time at 600 Lumens. 


Adjustable light: The lense is quicky adjustable with a simple twist as is present in some of Led Lensers current headlamps - the twist determines the beam width and focus. Whilst running I like it as wide as possible, as soon as I hear a noise in the distance I am quick to twist and light up the night up to 120m!


Chest Harness: Now this is a unique features which essentially allows you to take the light from your head to your sternum. This allows you to get the weight off your head and positions the light more perpendicular to the trail providing comfortable lighting conditions as well as allowing you to make the most of the torches power. Whilst this is a great option, I still opt to wear it on my head. 


The Battery Pack: For me, the small criticism I have for this impressive  light is the battery pack; Unfortunately it doesn't have the same foam covering as the light - which I believe would help in a secure fit to the back of the head which results in the battery pack edging down the back of my head as I run. Fortunately, I wear a buff in winter and paired with this, the light is securely fit with no bounce or slide. 

Overall, the Led Lenser NEO10R is a very impressive lamp, super powerful, convenient and feature full - It’s a headlamp that I’m sure will become very popular among all outdoors and traill users alike. Check the range our here!  


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