Sea To Summit X-Sets


If you're a seasoned camper, backpacker or hiker you'll know how much extra weight cookware can add to your gear. Plates, bowls and mugs can quickly turn a light pack into a heavy and awkward load.

We've found a solution to this packing nightmare - the Sea to Summit X-Set. It's a brand new design: a cookset that folds flat for efficient packing. The set contains a mug, bowl and plate that all nest inside one another meaning the total diameter is that of the plate - just 23cm. The best part is, the whole set weighs in at just 364 grams including the carry pouch.

These sets are made from food grade, BPA free, flexible silicone, and once assembled they are sturdy as anything! They're freestanding and can hold both hot and cold liquid. The bowl and plate also have a cut resistant base so they can double as a chopping board for food prep.

The X-Sets can also be paired with X-Pots and X-pans in various sizes, as well as an X-Kettle - all of these will be avaiable in late 2015. 

View the video below & don't forget to grab your new Sea To Summit X-Set here.

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