Summer Holiday Camping Gear Checklist

The holidays are here, and for many of us that means dusting off the tent, strapping the kids in the car and heading to a campsite!


If you're going camping in Summer, between thinking about Christmas gifts, New Year’s plans and whether or not you’ve remembered to take leave – you’ve also got to think about what to pack.

This can sometimes be a stressful task, and so we’ve designed a quick “tick and flick” list that will make sure you don't arrive at your destination only to realise you've left half your camping gear behind. We’ve elaborated on some of the essentials below, but if you’re here because you need to pack quick smart, there’s also a PRINTABLE CHECKLIST with electronic chekboxes to make sure you don't miss a thing!

The Tent

If you’re heading camping, you’re not going to get very far without a tent. Most people remember to pack this camping essential, however forget to check that everything is inside the bag! You’ll need the tent itself, the fly, ground tarp, guy-ropes, pegs and a mallet.

The more remote your campsite is, the greater the amount of kitchen gear you’ll have to pack. If you’re planning on travelling somewhere without barbecue facilities, check out our range of gas cookware and camping stoves.  When it comes to washing up, there are so many great gadgets to make your life easier including Wilderness Wash, folding buckets and even the kitchen sink! Although some people might view these things as luxuries, we’ve added them to our list of must-have camping gear.

The Bedding

Depending on your situation, you’ll decide whether to go with an airbed or a swag. Some people even take a tent cot to provide an indulgent off-ground experience. Remember to pack a sheet and a blanket if you don’t have a sleeping bag – even in the middle of summer some places will get unexpectedly cool at night time.

Fun Stuff

So you’ve packed all the camping essentials to make sure you survive the week – now’s time for the fun stuff. Don’t forget the staples such as a pack of cards, a few bags of marshmallows and a totem tennis set. If we were going camping this summer holidays, we’d also pack an inflatable stand up paddle board, a handheld GPS and a hammock!



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