The Best Way to Pack Your Backpack

Correctly packing your backpack is important for comfort and stability. Wild Earth stocks a wide range of backpacks, so let us show you how it’s done!


Correctly packing your backpack is important for comfort and stability. Wild Earth stocks a wide range of backpacks, so let us show you how it’s done!

Whether you’re tackling the Amazon with a 90-litre expedition pack or shouldering a 12-litre daypack around your local park, loading your pack properly will enhance comfort and balance. Make sure you purchase the most appropriate pack for your activity. Pack selection can be boiled down to 3 main factors: purpose, capacity and fit. You need a quality pack that suits your intended purpose, has enough room to carry what you need and fits you well.

With larger packs, it’s not a bad idea to make a list of everything you’re packing, with a little drawing of where things are located inside your pack. Store this note in an outside pocket in case you forget exactly where a particular item is stored.

Anything with sharp edges should be wrapped in a tee-shirt, travel towel or jumper. This not only prevents items from jabbing you in the back, but cuts down the wear and tear on the internal pack fabric.

When packing, your goal is even weight distribution. You don’t want a super-heavy item at the top of the pack messing up your centre of gravity, or way down at the bottom where it restricts free walking movement. Place heavier items as close to your back as possible just above the hip belt area, with lighter gear toward the outside of the pack. Keep commonly used items easily accessible. Avoid the ‘lopsided effect’, where one side of your hip is taking much more strain than the other. When packed correctly, a pack should feel completely comfortable. With larger hiking packs, take the weight on your hips – not your shoulders.

Types of Backpacks

  • Daypacks

Daypacks generally fall within the 12-35 litre capacity range. Look for solid zippers, good shoulder strap padding and the best size for your body shape. Something like the Osprey Manta 20L is quite versatile – you can use it for hiking, lightweight camping, running and adventure sports. Have an outdoor party planned? You can even buy insulated picnic daypacks for convenient food storage on picnic daytrips!

  • Hiking Backpacks

Larger hiking packs are designed for more serious loads, with harnesses suitable for long-term trekking. Hiking packs are made for men, women and children and come in a wide range of styles, with most featuring top access and a separate bottom compartment.

  • Hybrid Backpacks

Hybrid packs combine the rugged features of a hiking pack with the convenient features of a travel pack: front access, carry handles and a hide-away harness system. Whether you’re clambering over the Andean foothills or enjoying some global hostel-hopping, hybrid backpacks are a great choice.

Whichever type of pack you choose, you may also want to consider a rain cover for extra protection during those torrential downpours.

Need A New Backpack?

At Wild Earth, we’ve got backpacks for sale to suit every adventure. Our extensive range includes top brands like Osprey, Deuter, Black Wolf, Sea to Summit, Pacsafe, Tatonka, Wilderness Equipment, Salomon, CamelBak and Caribee. Check out our bags and backpacks today! 


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