The Onewheel All-Terrain Board Will Change The Way You Move

New and exclusive to Wild Earth, the Onewheel all-terrain board combines recreation and transportation, turning the world into your playground.


After prototyping for almost 5 years, Future Motion – the company behind the Onewheel all-terrain board – decided to launch a Kickstarter project. They raised $630,000 USD (6 times their initial target) in under 5 days.

What followed was a flurry of activity as they aimed to fulfil the 400+ orders that they received through Kickstarter. They never expected the project to be International news, and have been incredibly vocal about their gratitude for the support they received. One year on, and we have just received our first ever shipment of Onewheel boards. We’re pretty excited. 

Touted as the ‘closest thing to a hoverboard you can ride’ the Onewheel has been praised for its slick design, versatile capabilities and flawless electronics. Not only is the Onewheel a great way to get around, the riding experience is loads of fun. If you’re a skater, snowboarder, surfboader or wakeboarder you’ll feel right at home on the Onewheel. Things that would normally be classed as obstacles (hills, tree roots, curbs and potholes) all become part of the fun.

Looking at its design, we can imagine ourselves tearing through some scrub, flying up and down the footpath along the beach, powering down a mountain or even just cruising to work.


Solid-state inertial sensors and algorithms balance the board around the wheel.

Intuitive Control
Hands-free. Just lean forward to drive forward, back to stop and press on your heels or toes to turn it just like a snowboard.

Hub Motor
With only one moving part, a revolutionary new type of brushless hub motor provides power and reliability.

Extended Battery Life

State-of-the-art lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries provide extended ride time. Ultra charger charges in well under an hour.

Digital Shaping™

The OneWheel iPhone + Android apps enable Digital Shaping. Much like surfboards and skateboards are shaped for a particular rider and conditions, OneWheel can adjust to meet your needs and ability.


The board is entirely waterproof, meaning you can take it off-road without worrying about the electrics.

About Future Motion

Founded in 2013, Future Motion Inc is a pioneering new entrant to the board sports world. Future Motion is committed to designing and developing inspiring vehicles that include both elegant form and unprecedented function. The Onewheel exemplifies Future Motion’s dedication to crafting products that bridge recreation and transportation.

If it sounds cool, that’s because it is. We can’t wait to go bush with one of these bad boys, if you want to join us you can pick up your very own board online today. Wild Earth is the exclusive Australian stockist of Onewheel – check it out here.


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