A Pro Ultra Runner’s Guide to Running Shoes


Wild Earth athlete, pro-ultra-runner and in-store gear specialist, Anderson Moquiuti (@ando_runner), has put together his top 6 favourite running shoes for this Christmas season.

Ando’s Picks:
o Great all-rounder – perfect for short or long distances.
o Adapt well to all terrain types.
o Improved tread provides enhanced grip in wet conditions.
o Provides incredible support and cushioning.
o Ultralight construction.
o Ready for race day – no matter the distance!
o Unreal Grip
o Includes Salmon’s Quicklace System
o Great for the mountain running on rugged terrain
o Perfect for the Adventure racers.
o Incredibly water-resistant.
o Includes Salmon’s Quicklace System.
o A fast and high-performance shoe.
o Great for shorter distance road-races
o Designed to reduce impact whilst running.
o Incredible cushioning!
o Wider toe box allows toes to spread naturally.
o A comfortable shoe for road running – no matter the distance!


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