Hammer Nutrition

Our good friends at Hammer Nutrition have all your nutrtion needs covered. Adventure Racing demands a high level or performance from your bodies. Your Sports nutrition needs to supply the best possible ingredients in the right format to meet the athlete’s requirements.
Athletes like Jarad Kohlar and Team Mountain Design have used Hammer Nutrition products for the past 5 years for one good reason, they want the best Endurance Nutrition available

Hammer Nutrition products only use ingredients that aid or improve an athlete’s performance. There are no additives, colourings, added simple sugars, or anything harmful towards the athlete’s performance.

If you are looking for the leading proven Endurance fuel for Adventure Racers in the world, your search is now over.
“I have been travelling and racing around the world in all types of Adventure Races for the last 8 years. I can say that nutrition is the key to performance, without a great nutrition product I would never achieved what I have." -  Jarad Kohlar– Australian Champion Adventure Racer