Hilleberg Black Label Tents

Hilleberg's most versatile tents. Black Label models will handle any terrain or weather condition, from the mildest to the most demanding. Their simplicity, ease of use, and comfort make them perfect not only for any trip in any season, but also for general use in less challenging situations, and for less experienced users. Their strength, stability, and roominess, meanwhile, make them the best choice for long term, demanding, all season use in the harshest conditions – exposed and/or above tree line terrain, continuous heavy snow conditions, high-grit environments like deserts, beaches, and playas, and the like. Their extra durability increases longevity, and reduces the risk of problems, especially on longer adventures in remote areas, where repair opportunities may be limited.

Black Label tents are constructed with Hilleberg's strongest materials:

Outer tent in our Kerlon 1800 fabric, with an 18 kg/40 lb tear strength.
10 mm poles.
3 mm Vectran & polyester guy lines.
Our most robust inner tent and floor fabrics.
Heavier duty zippers.
Y-Pegs, Hilleberg's strongest pegs.
Black Label tents are designed to maximize strength, ease of use and comfort in all seasons and all conditions:

Outer tent goes all the way to the ground for all season protection.
Same-length poles throughout make for simple set up.
Multiple vents high up offer ventilation even if the tent is dug down into the snow.
The interior is designed to offer the greatest usable space.


Use the table below to compare the full range of Hilleberg Tents to decide the model that's best for you.