Warranty Request

Manufacturers have very limited warranties that cover direct manufacturing faults or failures in their products. Damage caused by improper use or care, accident, modification, or negligence is not covered under warranty claims. It also excludes reasonable wear and tear, and natural material breakdown or fading due to age, use, or environmental conditions. As with all extreme sports, equipment suffers damage as a direct result of participation. Such damage to equipment is also not covered under warranty. We will do our best to complete all warranty claims with minimal cost to the customer. Please be advised no warranty is guaranteed. All warranty claims are forwarded to manufacturers/suppliers for consideration. Wild Earth will then follow through with the final steps from their decision of action whether to be repaired, credited or replaced.

It is an Occupational Health and Safety requirement that any product returned for evaluation is to be in a clean and dry condition. If otherwise Wild Earth will return items to customers address on warranty form.

Wild Earth is not liable for any inbound returns that are lost in transit. We suggest returns are sent with tracking information to confirm delivery.

For all regular returns please CLICK HERE.