Erecting and packing your swag

Check how your swag is packed before you unroll it, so you can roll it up in the same way,condensation may occur in cool or moist conditions.Point swag foot end into the wind.

Before you unpack your swag

  1. check how your swag is packed before you unroll it, so you can roll it up in the same way.
  2. Condensation may occur in cool or moist conditions.
  3. Point swag foot end into the wind.
  4. Foam mattress may compresses from being rolled up for long periods; it may be partially restored by unrolling and leaving it outside in the sun for a short time.
  5. Swags sizes are approximate only, due to natural shrinking and stretching of canvas depending on the weather.
  6. Reproofing of the seams and hard wearing areas may be necessary after extended usage.

Setting Up Your Deluxe Dome Swag

  1. Ensure poles are in their sleeves.
  2. Assemble poles together ensuring they are all the way into the sockets, failure to do this may damage the poles.
  3. Insert steel sleeves into pins provided.
  4. Fit hooks around the poles AFTER POLES HAVE BEEN INSERTED INTO PINS FIRST! Failure to do this may result in poles breaking
  5. Attach guy ropes to eyelets in triangle tie down flaps and fix to object, ensure swag is tightened and secured to ground.
  6. Open up flaps for air circulation.
  7. All other swags, just roll out and tie flap to allow for air circulation.

Packing Up Your Swag

  1. Close all zips.
  2. Detach guy ropes.
  3. Fold overhanging canvas and ropes to center.
  4. Poles, disassemble, fold together, and leave inside sleeves.
  5. Swag, role tight from head end, connect buckles, tighten straps do not over tighten.
  6. Allow a wet or damp swag to dry before packing. If not possible unroll swag when convenient and allow to dry before repacking it.

Care Instructions

  1. Thoroughly wet down new canvas prior to use to ensure sealing up of seams.
  2. Remove dirt with a soft brush and cold water after use.
  3. Do not clean with soap, detergent, petrol, oil or solvents.
  4. Ensure swag is completely dry before storage.
  5. Do not store directly on concrete floors.
  6. Use a recommended canvas reproofing solution on well worn areas.